We’ve been hearing from some Sprint folks recently who say that they never receive the text messages we send. If you are a Sprint user and never received the text message with a link to your ringtone, wallpaper, or video, please visit m.myxer.com from your phone’s browser and download your content directly from there (no text messages necessary).

After poking around on the web a bit, we found other people complaining about Sprint blocking short codes.  Some people said that they had even been receiving text messages from short codes  then all of a sudden could no longer receive them.

Seems the only way to fix it is to call their Customer Support to have it unblocked.  Some people said they had to call a couple of times because the first customer support rep said they did not have them blocked but called back to get another rep who was able to unblock them on their phone.

Good Luck. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

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