Myxer accounts are free. This is not a subscription service - there are no recurring fees. If we are ever going to charge you for anything it will be very obvious.

  • Myxer does not charge anything for making your own ringtones or wallpapers. Whether you upload songs and images from the make page, or you use the fancy MyxerMagic, we don’t charge you anything for rolling your own.
  • Myxer does not charge for sending ringtones, wallpapers, or videos from our catalog (other than clearly-labeled premium content - see next note).
  • Premium content costs between $0.49 and $2.99 per item. Premium content is content in the Myxer catalog offered by one of our artists or partners for sale. The retail price, which is always clearly specified, is set by the artist. We will never bill you without obtaining your very specific consent.
  • There is no charge for sharing ringtones, wallpapers, or videos with others.
  • If you buy something from us, that’s all you bought. We are not a subscription service, and we don’t have any recurring charges.

Note: Depending on your mobile data plan, your carrier might charge you to receive text messages (or PIX messages) or for internet access and data transfer. As the carriers like to say, “Standard carrier rates apply.” The typical 20 second ringtone is about 70kb of data, and a one minute video averages 600kb. Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over carrier charges, so if you’re not sure¬†what your text messaging and data costs are or if you have a pre-paid account, you should check with your carrier first. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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