Some phone carriers (like Nextel, Boost Mobile and Telus) have disabled the ability to use downloaded songs as ringtones on their phones. It also appears that the newer versions of the Motorola Razr and Krazr phones also don’t allow you to use downloaded songs as ringtones. If you have one of these phones, sorry, but you’re out of luck with ringtones until your carrier changes their policy.

If you don’t have a phone on one of these networks, the problem may be that you don’t have the latest software on your phone or we have the wrong phone model in your account. Make sure you have the latest software available for your phone and go to the Phone Details page and check that the phone information listed matches your actual phone. Then try resending the ringtone.

If that doesn’t work, check to make sure that your sound profile is set to sounds only. Some phones won;t allow you to set the song as a ringtone if the profile is set to silent of vibrate.

If it still doesn’t work, don’t give up yet. It might mean that we didn’t send the ringtone in the best format for your phone. We try our best to send the song in the best format for each phone automatically, but sometimes we don’t get it quite right. You can try some of the different format we have available. Just select a different Ringtone Format and try resending the ringtone to your phone.

Users have tried different ringtone formats on the following phones, but haven’t found any that work. Sigh. Wallpapers should work fine though.

  • Audiovox CDM-8915
  • LG VX5200
  • LG VX8100
  • LG VX9800 (The “V”)
  • Pantech PN-215
  • Samsung SCH-A850
  • Samsung SCH-A970
  • Sidekick II
  • Sidekick III

If you find a ringtone format that works better for your phone, sweet! Please let us know so we can update our software.

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